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Babo Botanicals SEO Case Study

Case Study: Nurturing Babo Botanicals to SEO Excellence


Babo Botanicals, a New York-based organic baby and children’s skincare company, sought our expertise to elevate their online presence. The journey from initiation to success was a strategic and ongoing process that required diligence and expertise.


  1. Increase Organic Keyword Rankings
  2. Boost Organic Monthly Traffic
  3. Improve Domain Authority on Google
  4. Build High-Quality Backlinks

Phase 1: Website Audit and Keyword Research

  1. Challenges Faced:

    • Identified and addressed critical technical issues affecting site performance.
    • Conducted extensive keyword research to uncover competitive gaps.
  2. Strategic Solutions:

    • Implemented technical fixes promptly to ensure a solid foundation.
    • Prioritized keywords to align with Babo Botanicals’ brand and market position.

Phase 2: On-Page Optimization

  1. Challenges Faced:

    • Reshaped and optimized existing content for target keywords.
    • Developed new, engaging content to improve relevance and user experience.
  2. Strategic Solutions:

    • Collaborated with Babo Botanicals’ team to refine messaging and brand identity.
    • Implemented on-page SEO best practices for improved visibility.

Phase 3: Off-Page SEO and Backlink Building

  1. Challenges Faced:

    • Navigated the competitive landscape to secure high-quality backlinks.
    • Overcame outreach challenges and built relationships with influencers.
  2. Strategic Solutions:

    • Developed a diverse backlink profile through strategic partnerships.
    • Leveraged social media to enhance content visibility and encourage backlinks.

Phase 4: Monitoring and Adjustments

  1. Challenges Faced:

    • Adapted strategies in response to Google algorithm updates.
    • Addressed fluctuations in keyword rankings and organic traffic.
  2. Strategic Solutions:

    • Implemented proactive monitoring and adjustment protocols.
    • Maintained open communication with Babo Botanicals, fostering a collaborative approach.


After 6 months of strategic SEO implementation:

  • Organic Keywords Ranking: 47,832
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: 26,256
  • Domain Authority (DA): 48
  • Total Backlinks Created: 18,465


This case study highlights the multifaceted challenges faced and strategic solutions implemented to drive Babo Botanicals to SEO success. The ongoing nature of our efforts ensures the continued growth and resilience of their online presence.

About The Business:

Babo Botanicals is a New York-based company that makes premium, organic products for hair, scalp, and skin care for babies and children.