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Earth Mama Organics SEO Case Study

Earth Mama Organics SEO Case Study Enhancement

Challenges Faced:

  1. Competitive Industry Landscape:

    • Earth Mama Organics operated in a highly competitive market, making it challenging to stand out among established brands.
  2. Technical Overhaul Complexity:

    • Resolving technical issues required meticulous attention to detail and collaboration with the development team, extending the timeline.
  3. Content Strategy Iterations:

    • Developing an effective content strategy involved multiple iterations to align with evolving search engine algorithms and user preferences.
  4. Link Building Hurdles:

    • Securing high-quality backlinks involved overcoming outreach challenges and building relationships with influencers and authoritative websites.
Strategies Implemented:
  1. Customized SEO Roadmap:

    • Developed a tailored SEO roadmap, accounting for the industry’s competitiveness and formulating a strategy for long-term success.
  2. Technical Optimization Precision:

    • Implemented a detailed technical optimization plan, collaborating closely with developers to ensure a seamless user experience and improved site performance.
  3. Iterative Content Development:

    • Iteratively refined the content strategy, incorporating user feedback, industry trends, and search engine algorithm updates to maximize relevance and engagement.
  4. Strategic Link Building:

    • Engaged in persistent outreach, overcoming hurdles, and strategically acquiring backlinks from authoritative sources to enhance the website’s credibility.


  • Organic Keywords Ranking: 17,756

    • Reflecting the success of a strategic approach in a competitive landscape.
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: 20,775

    • Demonstrating sustained growth through ongoing optimization efforts.
  • Google Domain Authority: 56

    • Attaining a solid domain authority through meticulous link building and content optimization.
  • Total Backlinks Created: 82,521

    • Highlighting the success of a sustained outreach campaign and the establishment of the website as an authoritative source.


This enhanced case study emphasizes the challenges faced and the strategic, iterative approach taken to overcome them. It underscores the value of a comprehensive and customized SEO strategy in achieving lasting results in a competitive digital landscape. The suggested monthly retainer reflects the ongoing effort required to maintain and build upon these achievements, ensuring the client’s sustained success in the long term.

About The Business:

Earth Mama combines generations of women’s wisdom, traditional herbal remedies and evidence-based research to formulate certified organic herbal teas, castile-based soaps, healing balms, lotions, deodorants and even sunscreen.