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Medal of America SEO Case Study

SEO Success Story: Medal of America


  • Client: Medal of America (Hypothetical)
  • Objective: Enhance organic visibility and attract targeted traffic to the website.

Phase 1: Initial Analysis

  1. Website Audit:

    • Thoroughly assessed the website for on-page and technical SEO issues.
    • Analyzed the site structure, meta tags, speed, and mobile-friendliness.
  2. Keyword Research:

    • Identified relevant keywords associated with military medals, service awards, and specific military branches.
    • Focused on long-tail keywords to capture specific user intents.

Phase 2: On-Page Optimization

  1. Content Optimization:

    • Rewrote and optimized product descriptions, category pages, and informational content for target keywords.
    • Ensured content was informative, engaging, and relevant to the target audience.
  2. Technical SEO:

    • Addressed technical issues, including website speed enhancements, fixing broken links, and implementing schema markup.
    • Optimized images for improved loading times.

Phase 3: Off-Page Optimization

  1. Link Building:
    • Implemented a comprehensive backlink strategy, focusing on high-quality, relevant websites.
    • Utilized guest posting, outreach campaigns, and social media for a diverse backlink profile.

Phase 4: Ongoing Monitoring and Adjustments

  1. Performance Monitoring:

    • Integrated Google Analytics and Search Console for continuous monitoring.
    • Tracked keyword rankings, organic traffic, and user engagement.
  2. Content Updates:

    • Regularly refreshed and added new content to maintain website freshness and relevance.
    • Executed seasonal promotions and events to broaden the audience.


  • Organic Keywords Ranking: 70,047
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: 344,261
  • Domain Authority: 50
  • Total Backlinks: 67,395


The success of Medal of America’s SEO strategy was achieved through a holistic approach, combining on-page optimization, technical fixes, strategic link building, and ongoing monitoring. This case study exemplifies the effectiveness of a comprehensive SEO strategy in significantly improving organic visibility and website performance over time.

About The Business:

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