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Dekor Company SEO Case Study

Case Study: Dekor Company – Elevating Online Presence through Strategic SEO


Dekor Company, a premier online retailer of modern and elegant home decor and lifestyle products, partnered with our SEO expertise to revolutionize its online visibility and performance in organic search.


  1. Increase organic keyword rankings.
  2. Boost monthly organic traffic.
  3. Enhance domain authority on Google.
  4. Build a robust backlink profile.

Strategy and Implementation

Phase 1: Website Audit and Keyword Research

  • Conducted a thorough website audit to identify technical SEO opportunities.
  • Executed comprehensive keyword research to uncover high-potential search terms.

Phase 2: On-Page Optimization

  • Implemented cutting-edge on-page SEO techniques, optimizing meta elements and refining the website’s structure.
  • Enhanced website speed and internal linking for an optimal user experience.

Phase 3: Content Strategy

  • Developed and executed a content strategy focusing on engaging, shareable content relevant to home decor and lifestyle.
  • Regularly published blog posts, articles, and product guides to captivate the target audience.

Phase 4: Off-Page Optimization and Link Building

  • Conducted an impactful outreach campaign, securing high-quality backlinks from influential and relevant websites.
  • Utilized social media platforms to amplify content reach and bolster brand awareness.

Phase 5: Technical SEO Enhancements

  • Addressed technical SEO issues identified during the initial audit.
  • Implemented schema markup for improved search result visibility.
  • Ensured mobile responsiveness and optimized website accessibility.


  • Organic Keywords Ranking: 17,497
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: 7,446
  • Domain Authority (Google): 19
  • Total Backlinks Created: 7,239


Through a strategic and phased approach, Dekor Company witnessed remarkable improvements in organic search performance. The collaboration resulted in increased keyword rankings, heightened organic traffic, improved domain authority, and a strengthened backlink profile.

About The Business:

Dekor Company is an online retailer of modern and elegant Home decor and lifestyle products