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CORT SEO Case Study

Case Study: Transforming CORT’s Online Presence through Strategic SEO


CORT, a premier furniture rental company, sought our expertise to enhance its online visibility and drive organic traffic to its website. The objective was to increase organic keyword rankings, boost monthly organic traffic, improve domain authority, and establish a robust backlink profile.


  1. Increase Organic Keyword Rankings: Attain a substantial number of high-quality organic keyword rankings.
  2. Boost Monthly Organic Traffic: Achieve a significant increase in monthly organic traffic.
  3. Improve Domain Authority: Enhance CORT’s authority in the eyes of search engines.
  4. Establish a Robust Backlink Profile: Create a diverse and authoritative backlink portfolio.

Strategy and Implementation:

Technical SEO Audit and Optimization

  • Website Audit: Conducted a thorough audit to identify technical issues, on-page SEO opportunities, and user experience improvements.
  • Keyword Research: Identified relevant keywords for CORT’s industry and services.
  • On-Page Optimization: Implemented meta tag optimization, header tag improvements, and content refinement based on targeted keywords.
  • Site Speed Optimization: Improved website speed to enhance user experience and search engine rankings.

Content Strategy and Creation

  • Content Gap Analysis: Identified content gaps and opportunities.
  • Content Calendar: Developed a content calendar to address informational and transactional queries.
  • Quality Content Creation: Produced high-quality, relevant, and engaging content.
  • Blog Optimization: Regularly updated and optimized the blog section to target long-tail keywords.

Link Building Campaign

  • Backlink Analysis: Conducted a thorough analysis of existing backlinks.
  • Outreach Strategy: Developed a targeted outreach strategy to acquire high-quality backlinks.
  • Content Outreach: Promoted link-worthy content to relevant websites in the industry.
  • Social Media Integration: Utilized social media platforms for additional exposure and backlink opportunities.

Monitoring and Fine-Tuning

  • Analytics Monitoring: Regularly monitored Google Analytics, Search Console, and other relevant analytics tools.
  • Ranking Reports: Provided monthly reports on keyword rankings, organic traffic, and backlink growth.
  • Fine-Tuning Strategies: Adjusted strategies based on performance data, algorithm updates, and industry trends.


  • Organic Keyword Rankings: Achieved 36,884 organic keyword rankings.
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: Grew organic traffic to 389,447 monthly visitors.
  • Domain Authority: Increased domain authority to 30.
  • Backlinks: Successfully acquired 60,935 high-quality backlinks.


Through a comprehensive and strategic approach to SEO, CORT’s online presence has been transformed, resulting in increased visibility, traffic, and authority within the industry. The success of this campaign underscores the effectiveness of combining technical optimization, content strategy, and a robust link-building campaign.

About The Business:

CORT, is a company who gives office and home furniture for rent