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Cosmic Pet SEO Case Study

Case Study: Cosmic Pet – Strategic SEO Triumph


Cosmic Pet enlisted our expertise to bolster their online presence. Facing fierce competition in the pet products market, our challenge was to navigate a complex SEO landscape and elevate Cosmic Pet’s visibility.


  1. Improve Keyword Ranking: Navigate a competitive market to increase organic keywords.
  2. Boost Organic Traffic: Overcome industry challenges to enhance organic monthly traffic.
  3. Strengthen Domain Authority: Establish Cosmic Pet as an authority in the pet products niche.
  4. Generate Quality Backlinks: Navigate the complexities of backlink acquisition in a competitive environment.


Month 1-2: In-Depth SEO Analysis

  • Conducted a meticulous website audit, identifying and addressing intricate technical issues.
  • Analyzed competitors to devise a strategic plan tailored to the unique challenges of the pet industry.

Month 3-4: Precision Content Optimization 

  • Developed a content strategy, ensuring every piece resonated with Cosmic Pet’s target audience.
  • Executed precision content optimization, addressing nuanced keyword strategies and user intent.

Month 5-8: Strategic Link Building

  • Launched a targeted link-building campaign in the face of industry-specific challenges.
  • Employed sophisticated outreach strategies to secure backlinks from authoritative pet industry sources.

Month 9-12: Technical SEO Mastery

  • Tackled intricate technical challenges, including nuanced site speed improvements and mobile optimization.
  • Deployed advanced schema markup techniques to enhance search engine visibility.


  • Organic Keywords Ranking: Surged to 11,763 after overcoming intricate industry-specific challenges.
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: Skyrocketed to 115,045, showcasing resilience in a competitive landscape.
  • Domain Authority: Elevated to 43, positioning Cosmic Pet as a respected authority.
  • Total Backlinks: Achieved 206,194 high-quality backlinks through strategic navigation.


This case study illustrates the intricate journey undertaken to position Cosmic Pet as a leader in the highly competitive pet products market. The success achieved is a testament to the expertise applied, overcoming industry-specific challenges through a meticulously crafted, multi-faceted SEO strategy.

Pitch to Clients:

Embarking on a strategic SEO journey involves navigating intricate challenges, especially in competitive markets. Our proven track record with Cosmic Pet showcases our ability to overcome complexities and deliver tangible results. For a monthly investment of $500, we bring a wealth of expertise to your SEO campaign, ensuring a strategic, tailored approach that drives sustainable growth in your online presence. Invest in a partner who understands the complexities of your industry and can navigate the intricacies of the SEO landscape with finesse.

This refined case study and pitch emphasize the expertise and challenges faced during the SEO campaign, offering a more realistic portrayal of the process and the value you bring to your clients.

About The Business:

Cosmic Pet is a multi-branded, international company that designs and manufactures pet products for cats and dogs