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Alphia SEO Case Study

Case Study: Alphia Pet Food – Navigating the SEO Landscape

Objective: Establish a dominant online presence through strategic SEO efforts.

Initial Situation (Baseline):

  • Keywords Ranking: Scattered presence in organic search results.
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: Suboptimal, with room for growth.
  • Domain Authority: Moderately competitive.
  • Backlinks: Limited and lacking diversity.

Strategy Phase:

1. Holistic Website Audit:

    • Conducted a meticulous website audit, uncovering nuanced technical challenges affecting performance.
    • Addressed critical issues impacting indexing and user experience, laying the foundation for sustainable growth.
  1. In-Depth Keyword Research and Strategy:

    • Delved into exhaustive keyword research, identifying competitive gaps and untapped opportunities.
    • Crafted a multifaceted content strategy, aligning with user intent, industry trends, and brand goals.
  2. Strategic Content Optimization and Creation:

    • Systematically optimized existing content, employing advanced SEO techniques.
    • Created compelling, shareable content, positioning Alphia Pet Food as an authority in the pet food industry.

Implementation Phase:

  1. Robust Link Building Campaign:

    • Executed a dynamic link-building campaign, fostering relationships for high-quality backlinks.
    • Utilized a blend of guest posting, influencer collaborations, and digital PR to diversify the backlink profile.
  2. Advanced Technical SEO Enhancements:

    • Continued to fine-tune technical SEO elements, with a focus on mobile responsiveness and core web vitals.
    • Deployed advanced strategies to enhance site speed, ensuring optimal user experience.

Monitoring and Optimization (Ongoing):

  1. Dynamic Performance Monitoring:

    • Employed advanced analytics tools for real-time monitoring of keyword rankings, organic traffic, and user behavior.
    • Implemented an agile approach, adapting strategies to algorithm changes and emerging trends.
  2. Local SEO Domination (Ongoing):

    • Executed a comprehensive local SEO strategy, maximizing visibility in target markets.
    • Systematically garnered positive customer reviews, amplifying brand credibility.


  • Organic Keywords Ranking: 2,266 (from a scattered presence).
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: 3,859 (significant improvement).
  • Domain Authority: 33 (from a moderately competitive baseline).
  • Total Backlinks Created: 2,975 (a diverse and high-quality backlink profile).


Alphia Pet Food’s SEO journey involved a meticulous, data-driven approach, addressing technical intricacies and harnessing the power of strategic content creation and link building. The results achieved within six months reflect not just rapid growth but the culmination of a sophisticated strategy designed for long-term success.

About The Business:

Alphia is the leading custom manufacturer of super-premium pet food in the U.S, manufacturing more than one billion pounds of dry pet food and treats annually.